I miss Tris.

Unlike the majority of readers who have read the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth, I was never in love with Four. Tris is, was and always will be my favorite character from the Divergent universe.

I eagerly awaited Allegiant, the third and final installment of the series. I had hopes that Tris would have an ending that she could live with. Maybe not a Disney princess happily ever after but something along the lines of a happily for now. Instead, we get to the final chapters of Allegiant and she just dies.


I was devastated.

Several months later and I am still devastated.

I kept reading hoping that it was all a mistake. I wished for a miraculous event that would allow her to breathe again. Even if I had to bend the laws of reality and suspend belief in order to accept it. In fact, I demanded it. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be.

I understand that in real life people die. Not every hero or heroine is alive to see the fruits of their labors, to enjoy their hard-won victories. I even get why Ms. Roth killed off such a popular main character. In my less emotional state I even agree with her. Tris’ story is intense. She did a lot of growing up in those 3 novels, living constantly on the brink of death. Her story deserved an ending as rich and powerful as her life. But even though I understand all of that it still breaks my heart just a little bit.

Now the Divergent trilogy is being made into a series of movies and I am having trouble working up the enthusiasm to go see them. I don’t know if I can let myself fall in love with Tris again only to watch her die on the big screen.

But I guess that’s the sign of a great novel and a truly well-developed character. They stay in your hearts and minds long after you put the book down or in my case turn off the Kindle.


Crazy vs. Creative

When do you stop being creative and imaginative and start becoming weird and crazy? When do the stories and characters in your head start becoming a problem? If they are real to you, if they speak to you, does that make you insane? When should you begin to worry about your sanity or insanity whatever the case may be?

I wish I knew the answer. Does anyone know the answer?